"the space-in-between"

The name, at one point, was Jessica Campbell. But I have been given so many nicknames by so many beautiful people, by now I have begun to lose track. Ironically, my pursuit is one towards knowing the Self - looking inwards to sense the stillness. The aim, however, is moving out. My focus is narrowed on nature. (I am "zero-ing," if you will... But we can learn more about that later!). The CalmPost - playing on the words "the compost" - is a totally organic, homegrown experiment to test the power of inner stillness as a means of reducing climate change. 


By undergrad & trade, I travel as a journalist, living in places across Africa, India, Central America, Canada & the United States. By broke bank account, I am now a master's of counseling psychology student at Santa Clara University. (And LOVING IT!) At the heart of the matter, I long to protect this Sacred Mother Earth & all that She gives us on a moment-to-moment basis. When I am not at my computer - itching to be outside - I am teaching yoga, dance therapy, or swimming in any pond I can find. I used to think I could run... but have recently awakened to the beauty in finally touching...




~ Here's to keeping our feet firmly connected to this Earth ~



Jessica "Akara" Campbell is a Canadian-born adventure enthusiast. Her main mission in life is to research, create & share methodologies that allow us all to be 

"At home in our bodies. And the world."



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