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Welcome to All of You

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

On one hand, there's a world traveler who feels ignited by exploration. On the other, there's a forever-kind of a student who longs to learn - endlessly - by being tied to her desk.

This is just one personal example of how All of Us carry deeply within these feelings of fragmented parts.

How to satisfy my whole Self?

In my counseling psychology program, the message has remained intact. Emotions, feelings, and moods all live on a spectrum. What I feel today can change tomorrow. Emotions are e-motions..."energy in motion"... after all!

But at the same time, what I feel right now can also be a multitude of things on the same topic in one precise moment.

It's not about noticing some and disregarding or dismissing the others, explains Professor Donald St. Louis when discussing emotions in our Psychology of Human Development class.

It's about holding a "container" for them to co-exist.

Acknowledgment is love and love is union! Harmonize, harmonize, harmonize!

To share intimately, I so often see myself trying to identify the exact way I am feeling about a certain scenario, not realizing that pursuit in itself can create tension. Like trying to pin a fly to the wall with a single needle, why try to isolate something so fleeting?

Well I suppose, at times, we might have to. In the book A General Theory of Love, the authors, all medical doctors, explain how a collection of repeated or looped emotions is what create our moods. Almost like the same key being played in a song to create a specific tempo or melody.

If we are finding ourselves consistently in one, undesirable mood, perhaps that's a good time to ask ourselves why? To check-in with our overall tone to see if and where we are out of tune. Who in my emotional band is not with me right now?!?

But here's the ironic part... Almost like what is key!

What tends to throw me out of harmony is not just looping emotions. It's when I full out miss a beat, completely ignoring, suppressing, or burying something needing my attention. What happens - in turn - is I block my natural flow of energy. Which is what leads to the rumination, overthinking, undesirable moods, and looping to begin with!




Now begin.

Like we can retune a guitar to have multiple strings come together to create one synchronized rhythm, today, and every day, I welcome you to Welcome All of You into your song.

Because you are both the orchestrator and orchestra!

Might as well make it all sing.

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