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The Wave of Patience

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Patience. The waves teach me about patience. As does yoga.

So far, my time at Vikara is revealing to me what I need to focus on. And that’s ironically to stop trying so hard to…


Instead, I am being shown by the ocean, the beautiful people of Vikara, and Ecuador as a whole, to simply relax into life. I need to let mySelf be, allowing my mind to roam as free as the pelicans flying over the ocean...

For instance, on my surfboard, I am watching myself be so eager and so keen to catch a wave that I’m continually standing up too early, missing the wave altogether.

“It will take you,” says David, a surf instructor at Vikara, explaining how the sensation of when to stand up is one that should feel natural and effortless.

“You will feel it,” he assures. “It will just happen.”

Then yesterday, waiting (somewhat patiently) to catch a green wave, I’m approached by a local board shaper named Orlando. With a smile from ear to ear, he tells me how he’s been surfing his whole life. I tell him how I am preparing myself to paddle in to get back to my “computer work.“

"This is all there is,” he says to me, "Relax into it.”

Before I know it, as I am paddling to catch a wave, Orlando is right behind me to give me a friendly push, placing me in the exact spot I need to be to ride all the way to the beach...

What this reveals to me is the power of dropping out of the mind and into trust. When we do, we realize we are always right where we need to be.

Sometimes it just takes a little push to get there...

Which is here...

And Now. #presence #patience #practicepatience #vikara #vikaralifestyle #surf #waves #ocean #retreat #yoga #now #thepowerofnow #beherenow #relax

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