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The Spectrum Of Being

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

When sadness turns to happiness, failure to success, we come to know the spectrum.

The spectrum of our Being.

With exams now behind me, I have observed an incredible phenomenon. The troubles and triumphs of being graded. Of being given a score.

In times of "failure," I would stop to reflect. In this process, I would actually learn more. Failure, when not labeled as "bad," can be approached with celebration.

On the flip side, "success" comes with a weariness. It's when we think we know it all, we move with more freedom. An unchecked liberty is when we are bound to make more "mistakes." Check yourself before you wreck yourself...

Round and round we go.

It's when I observe this circular motion of life, I am brought right back to the ocean. From high tide to low, I remember noting this phenomenon when learning how to surf. It's when I would miss a wave, I'd best intuitively sense how to improve. What not to do. Then when catching a wave and riding it out, it would almost feel so effortless, I had no idea how it all happened...

To step out this natural rise and fall, what I do is find the center. The center of the Being, the point of stillness in every wave.

Let's think back to when we were kids, for example. To teens. To young adults. And so forth.

In every scenario, no two moments are the same. But there is one element of non-changing.

That element is "you."

It's not you in the physical body. That, for all of us, changes every day.

But it is "you" in the soul form. The light form. The being form.

It's the Gap between breaths...

The Remembrance of death...

It's, It's, It's...

The spectrum of our Being.

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