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The Root of Change

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Sometimes we have to dig deep to the root of our pain and sorrow, to resurface as something beautiful.

So what does that entail?

Surely, it requires bravery, courage and a s*** ton of resilience. Everything grows out of the mud!

But it also takes creative thinking.

"Creativity is at the root of change," says Allen Ivey in Intentional Interviewing & Counseling.

In Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan, physicist & healer, explains how our core essence is naturally creative. It is when experiencing pain we become defensive. We develop coping strategies that might originally serve as protection, but ultimately disconnect us form our true selves.

"Healing is remembering who we truly are," says Brennan, "It is the work of each of us to reconnect to our core and heal ourselves."

Okay... But How?!

Of course, we can seek out counseling. Or connect with a healer/healing that appeals.

But in the immediacy of this moment - right here and now - what we can do is renegotiate our relationship with pain.

"The internal wound we all carry is our greatest teacher," says Brennan.

"Thus we can accomplish what we wish to do in the world only by attending to our personal transformation process."

Pain is a teacher, explains Brennan. In listening to our pain we can be guided back "home." To that space within ourselves that is safe, naturally expressive and filled with light & love. She says:

Prepare yourself to finally stop running and turn and face the tiger within you, whatever that means to you in a very personal way. I suggest the best place to start to find the meaning of your illness is to ask yourself:

What is it that I have longed for and not yet succeeded in creating in my life?

Surely, we don't have to go at this alone. Like Brennan mentioned, we all carry an internal wound. Every single one of us. So here's to joining forces in our creative processes, together.

After all...

A tree doesn't stand alone in a forest. It's connected deeply below the surface by its roots.

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