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Techtonic States

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

The globe is shifting,

Between you and me.

Tectonic plates,

Converge with thee.

Boundaries I hold,

Between us space.

Techtonic States,

A merging place.

When we collide,

Mountains of clay.

So long as we keep it,

About the Play.

Below us,

Between us,

Hot lava rock.

Below us,

Between us,

Time ticking clock.

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Tectonic plates, the makings of the earth's crust, are forever in movement. When two collide, what forms are mountain ranges...

Making some of the best places for exploration & play.

The hard part about being human is that we, too, are also always in motion. What we found ourselves on one day can be shifted by the next.

Moving towards another polarity.

Let's take the whole globe for instance. There was once a time we thought it was flat. With expanded vision, we begun to see it was whole.

Though we root ourselves in set values - core beliefs - what we think know today might be falsified tomorrow. Standing on only fragments of the whole truth.

"When you think you know, it may not be so," says Dr. Ling Lam, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Ph.D & Santa Clara University professor.

For instance, like from continent to continent, I most certainly think it is healthy to practice setting boundaries with those around us. We maintain individuality by creating space for another. However, when two tectonic plates collide, it is sometimes known as "convergent boundaries."

Were two are becoming one.

Does this mean as people we are always looking to converge? ...When to mix & mingle? When to drop our crustiness?

In such a tech-driven world, I am both enthused and concerned about the state of potential limitlessness we are reaching to become one. With the power of the Internet, we can quite literally touch and connect with those worldwide. I wonder...

Do we know what and how to share?

Of course, our sharing of resources has always been in question. Our use of resources is more in question than ever before. But let's also consider the sharing of data, content, and media creation too.

My wish is for us as people to learn how to communicate in such a way where we can appease each other's needs using empathy & non-violence. A global State of grace.

Like two tectonic plates becoming one, maybe, in our Techtonic States, we can also converge...

Creating mountains and not volcanos.

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