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Sunny Swims

Sitting on a pool chair, headphones in my ears. Two young girls walk on by me.

"Hello!" I hear through my music, catching a smile as I squint.

Seconds later, both are in the hot tub. Though the sun is out, the water is mighty cold.

(A weird thing about me... I love cold water. Definitely think I have spent lifetimes as various sea creates. But I digress!)

Diving in...

"How did you do that!" one of the girls exclaims from across the water, still in the tub.

"I oddly like cold water," I say back to her adding, "Maybe because I grew up in Canada where it can get really, really cold."

"Really? Cool!" she exclaims, "I grew up in Iran. And NO ONE seems to know where that is!"

She goes on to tell me how she moved to the USA when she was about six. She used to live in Pacifica, California - a place I have ironically just moved from.

"When it used to get cold out, my mom would dress me in six sweaters and a puffy jacket," she tells me.

"Everyone would call me Marshmallow girl!"

We all share a laugh.

As time goes on, I learn how this chatty, Bubbly youngster is in grade seven. Her quieter, yet attentive friend is in grade three. She plays three instruments, one being the violin. I have always wanted to learn the violin! She loves Harry Potter, and not just for the magic. Though, she wishes magic could magically clean her house.

The other day her mom wasn't feeling so well. "So I decided to surprise her by cleaning the kitchen," she says, "There were 30 dishes in the sink. THIRTY! It took me an entire hour."

"Sounds like you're smart and loving," is what I reflect back to her.

"So is my friend!" she is quick to add.

The girls decide to have a go in the cold water. I am now in need of warming up. We all trade places. Leaving my goggles on the deck of the pool, Bubbles grabs them as she is jumps into her pool donut. After some time - and many more stories - she tells me she has dropped my goggles to the bottom of the pool.

"I am way too cold to go get them!" she says (with a smirk).

Chill, I step down slowly into the water, moving my way around to see if I can spot where they might have landed.

"I see a darker pair over there, but mine are clear, " I say to her, "Those definitely aren't mine."

"Well I think you should get them anyway," she says, "They probably look darker at the bottom of the pool."

Driving to the bottom, I pull up as I expected... another pair of goggles.

"AH HA!" Bubbles starts to laugh, "I was just tricking you to get my goggles!"

"I didn't want to go under the water," she explains.

Still in her tube, she reaches down to her toes, pulling up my set of goggles.

"See!" she says, "I was hiding yours right here."

Minutes later, Bubbles still giggling, "You are officially my friend!" she says.

"You are my friend too!" I say back.

In under an hour's time, I felt the warmth of two youngsters, soaking in pool of extremely cold water. Reminded by the youth around me to be open to following the Bubbles...

To new depths of all friendships! (And games!)

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