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Shame Attacking the Musturbating

So often, the world of therapy can appear dark and grim. Dealing with our unwanted thoughts, or even, traumatic events.

In my readings for school this week - counseling psychology - what I found was some lightness (and humor!) in uncovering some tried and trusted methods from Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory of Psychotherapy.

1. "Musturbating" - A form of irrational beliefs that cause emotional disturbances. In other words, creating "musts" for oneself that are otherwise unrealistic or unnecessary. "I must get an A on this exam or else I am a failure."

So what if you don't?

2. "Shame Attacking" - A way to practice (or get comfortable) feeling unashamed in cases where others might not like you. (Have a fear of not being liked? Hallllaaa! That's me too. BIG time. Insert sweating emoji icon here.) An example of a "shame attacking" exercises could include: engaging in random conversations with strangers, talking loudly with store clerks, or asking silly questions to receptionists or teachers.

Sorry to all receptionists and teachers...!

Anyhow, moral of the story here is to not take yourself - or life - too seriously. Don't "must" yourself - or musturbate! And when in doubt, cut that awful shame out.

Because YOU are awesome.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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