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The day starts with a sense of not really wanting to get out of bed. Usually I am an early riser. Listening to the body, I sit to read as the start to my day. Usually my first inkling is to move.

Ironically, what I am to read about, as a counseling psychology student, is how to help clients become "unstuck."

"From inaction to action," it states in my book.

As I read about the power of person-to-person dialogue, what comes to mind is the common expression, "Actions speak louder than words."

As a wordy, and coming licensed therapist, this one has always left me, well, at a loss for words. I value the power of communication and discussion. In fact, I think one of the best forms of preventative care is to literally... pre-vent! Talk, talk, talk it through.

"Interviewing and counseling are very much concerned with helping clients create the New and discover pathways to growth,"explains Allen Ivey in Intentional Interviewing & Counseling.

"As a part of this, fresh neural networks are developed."

Based on neuroscience research, intentional conversations can actually form pathways in the brain, allowing the development of new perspectives.

"This process of transformation and change leads clients to manage their lives more competently and joyfully," adds Ivey.

But talking to a counselor or even friends is not going to be suited for everyone.

Looking to form a new friendships and even pathways in my own life, I later jump on my bike to head to a yoga studio in town.

"Does anyone have anything on their mind?" asks the instructor.

"Lower back." "Hips." "Thoracic spine." People in the class yell out.

"I more so mean... Does anyone have anything they'd like to discuss," he adds, "I value good conversation!"

"I'm looking forward to tonight's class," one woman speaks up...

"It just helps me to get unstuck."

Inhale, exhale, we add some ventilation.

And then we begin the movements.

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