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Permission to Stop

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

When you shake up a snow globe, though beautiful, almost frantic. Time is needed to settle.

Meditation, in this context, is a lot like time.

It's when we sit down to collect ourselves, what crystallizes is our clarity.

We begin to see the entire picture.

With my first semester in counseling psychology drawing to a close, what I am finding myself most grateful for is being given permission to stop. As a part of our learning, we were told by our professor, Dr. Shapiro, to practice meditation once a day, every day.

"Make a habit out of it," she advised.

In creating time to stop, what I started was my blog. Something I have longed for since I was a kid: "I wish to write a story on finding happiness in each day." I remember saying that at the age of 15.

"But the point of life isn't to be happy all of the time," says Dr. Shapiro, "The point of life is to live fully."

A part of that includes creating the space to be okay with and exploring a range of all emotions.

Meditation increases that okay-ness. It also increases the volume of our internal voice.

If you were to quiet the mind today and each day, how would it ask you to be? What would it ask you to do? Or what would it ask you to keep doing?

It's when giving ourselves permission to stop, we might just finally...


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