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Move in Stillness

Retreat guests at Vikara heading out for their afternoon surf!

He tells me to paddle out when there isn't a set of waves coming in...

Of course I do not listen.

Instead, what I try to do is muscle my way out past the break, giving myself anything but a break…

It’s called looking for “the window.” A brilliant surf expression applicable to all things in life. What it means is that you paddle out when there are no waves. Essentially...

You Move in Stillness.

Like the ocean turns onto Herself, this is a lesson I continuously learn over and over in life. Move in clarity. Listen for the silence. Grow in awareness.

It all feels so still.

Instead, I think in today’s world, many of us do what I did today in the ocean. We put our “production caps” on and go, go, GO!

Well, on this glorious “Christmas Eve,” I send my thanks to Vikara in Olón, Ecuador for the reminder to “be Present,” as everyone is saying here. Because Ultimately…

To be Present is the Gift.

Happy Holidays! #VikaraLifestyle #Vikara #Retreat #Surf #Surfing #Stillness #Yoga #Olon #Ecuador #SurfRetreat #Haume

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