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Mental Hygiene

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

What helps you to clear & clean your mind?

To prevent bad breath, we brush our teeth. So what if we have "bad" thoughts?

I once read how meditating in the morning is like washing the dirty plate you left on your kitchen counter over night.

"While few of us would consider eating dinner on yesterday's dirty dishes, we think nothing of tackling a new problem with yesterday's cluttered mind. No wonder we feel tired, confused and ignorant!" says Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life.

So before I serve up a suggestion to go sit down and meditate everyday... I firstly invite you to explore! In what settings or activities do you find yourself allowing the mind to be cleansed? Renewed? Entering a state of purity? Receiving a little sunshine? ...Open!

Whatever that answer might be, I suggest starting there.

In starting there, we form a friendship. Yes! ...Together. But more importantly, with ourselves. It's in that state of non-judgement and comfort, we are more ready and willing to take out the trash...

Of our minds. (Likely hiding under the carpet having swept it there many months or moons ago. Don't worry, I do it too.)

For instance, while I do enjoy the act of meditation - sitting comfortably, closing my eyes, bringing my mind to a more still & silent state - I also find myself entering a meditative space while writing these very posts.

It's in writing, I let myself fall and float simultaneously.

I drop the notion of boundaries, becoming somewhat boundless.

I become so grateful for those around me, it's as though I need not anyone at all.

It is where I am my own best friend.

I am enough.

I am enough.

I am enough.

Happy exploring!

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