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Innercise the Exercise

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

We start by sensing our whole bodies. Sitting on our butts, legs apart and extended, we then draw our awareness to our feet.

"They should be active," our instructor explains, "Never let them fall sideways."

Little by little, our teacher breaks down the fundamentals of yoga. And how the secret of practice lies in the micro-skills.

"It's in the details," he says to the class, "If you nail these, you can do any pose in the books..."

"It's an innercise!"

In learning about the fundamentals of yoga in yesterday's class, I was also reminded of the fundamentals...

Of Life.

"Sometimes in order to move forward, we have to step back," says Joe, who has been teaching yoga for 35-years.

It's a slowing down to speed up.

In that slowing down, we can actually save ourselves a lot of time. And ENERGY! Everything from how we breathe, stand, walk, eat, and sleep play fundamental roles in our overall well-being.

"If you get lost, come back to the feet," Joe explains, "Everything is drawn upwards from the feet."

(Or Earth!)

In triangle pose, for example, we learn how the forward fold is actually powered by the legs and pelvic area, and not the head.

When so many of us let our big heads lead the way...!

For instance, have you ever noticed how when we are in a rush, our heads move before our feet? We lean forwards as opposed to standing upright. Ideally, it's the heels that are supposed to be touching the ground first. And much of our walk is powered by the psoas muscle in the abdomen.

Our walking engine lives in our core!

If we use the walking example as a greater metaphor, what we can conclude is how we are more likely to lose our form when moving at an ungrounded pace.

When we are not connected to the Earth!

In our ever speeding up world, I look at the on-the-go coffee cups, plastic containers, traffic jams... And wonder.

Are we practicing good form for the sustainability of our world? Have we moved too far away from the basic fundamentals...

Of Living?

Here's to practicing our innercise today. And always. #MotherEarth

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