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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

We were told to pretend to have a bucket of water between pelvic bones.

"Can you walk without making a ripple?"

That was back in 2018 when I was taking a dance course in India led by two internationally recognized facilitators. They travel the world raising awareness through movement. In this specific exercise, what they were teaching us was how to move from our "hara" in our stomach area, and not our heads.

"This is the source of your being," they told us, adding how it's a teaching most commonly practiced amongst Asian cultures.

Leaving the store last night, I was brought back to this exercise. New toaster in one hand, and in the other, my Christmas tree...

How the heck am I going to get home?

Very carefully, I began to walk. A whole 45-minutes, in fact! Having just replaced my broken toaster, I was weary to let the new one bounce around in the bag around my arm. Then with the Christmas tree, I had to be mindful of the low hanging trees overhead... other people... and cars, of course!

Slowly by slowly, the movement became a game. Not only was I laughing at myself for carrying a Christmas tree home (my husband sure did have a laugh when I came through the front door), but I watched how I became so present of every step. Every curb. Every moment.

In today's busy world, I am instead seeing how our ungrounded pace transforms what can be engaging activities into massive task lists or undertakings.

Cleaning the house... make it a dance!

Doing laundry... so warm, so cozy, and it just smells so clean!

Shoveling the driveway... make a snowman!

"It's called Work-ship!" my dance facilitators used to say, encouraging us to find joy in what many of us label “mundane.”

It's when we slow down to realize that all we have is - right now - then what we can bring to each moment is a quality. A quality of being that is Alive. Playful. Fun.

And Child-Like.

Having spent the last month teaching yoga to elementary school students, I am inspired, every day, to invite a youthful imagination and creativity onto the page of my to-do list.

Because that's when it so magically...


Here's to the remembering of making it all a game.

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