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Friday Feature: Stephanie Lovato

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Stephanie Lovato, trainer & nutritionist, shares some tips & tricks to healthy living

She loves logic and simplicity, and yet, she quite literally turns worlds upside down…

And inside out!

Stephanie Lovato, fitness trainer & nutritionist in Venice Beach, California, shares with The CalmPost a bit about her story as a former gymnast and provincial level athlete, to how her love of athletics led her into fitness training & nutrition. She also shares some tips & tricks to leveling-up your life!

Listen to the podcast & read more below

Entering gymnastics so young she says she doesn't remember when, what Stephanie does remember is her “obsession” and excitement around her training. She later channeled that obsession into boxing and provincial level lacrosse, explaining how it was her love for the body that had her study Human Kinetics at the bachelor’s level in Canada.

Then noticing how, when growing older, team sports transition from body to beer league, she decided to invest in fitness training as her sport of intensity and competition.

“I accidentally ended up in California,” Stephanie explains, adding, “I followed my passion of fitness training.”

It was on a vacation from Canada to Venice Beach - “the mecca of bodybuilding” - Stephanie fell in love with the location, potential and opportunities, she says.

She also met and married her husband, Justin, a mere six weeks after meeting him which led to the inception of their business, BUILT Nutrition & Training!

Today, Stephanie & Justin influence the lives of thousands from across the globe.

“If you just do what you love every day you can make a job out of it and a career out of it and you can inspire other people along the way to both follow your dreams and also their own, even if it’s nothing connected to fitness.”

In our podcast sitting next to the beach in California, Stephanie shares how fitness training far surpasses the physicality of people’s lives: “Mentally, spiritually, emotionally people are affected.”

In other words, targeting the physical body is really just the start.

“It’s almost a nice way to trick people into just having an all-around better life,” says Stephanie, “Without even realizing they transform their whole life.”

“To me it’s so much more important to have someone feel healthy and rejuvenated rather than just being like oh yeah, I don’t have any tummy fat anymore.”

Whether your focus is on transforming your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health, Stephanie says - no matter what - food is foundational.

“With proper nutrition comes feeling good.”

Her key ingredient is to, “Eat from the Earth.” She also advises to stick to the perimeters of a grocery store, instead of browsing the aisles where we find a lot of packaged or canned goods.

And while she by no means condemns eating for fun – “enjoy it!” – Stephanie provides a fun way to stay connected to your long-term goals and intentions when it comes food.

“Pause and always reflect and appreciate what you want and what you have.”

She suggests asking yourself, will this serve me? While also remaining focused on the positive.

If you do end up steering off track, “Tomorrow is a new day,” she adds.

“Always envision yourself moving forward in life,” she says, “And don’t give yourself too many opportunities to move backwards.”

Visit their website at IAMBUILT.com.

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