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Experiencing Non-Duality

When resting in a state of non-duality, words and concepts seem to dissolve. Let's talk about it, anyhow! Recently, I had the privilege of attending a “Kundalini activation” workshop, including a day of non-dual transmission.

“Kundalini is the bridge,” explains Venant Wong, the founder of KAP, Kundalini Activation Process. “The bridge between this reality and non-dual consciousness.”

With one hand stretched out in front of his face, finger-pointing up towards the sky, and the other reaching back towards his head, Venant explains how the far back, non-dual perspective allows one to “un-identify” with everyday happenings of the world. This is where bliss can most effortlessly reside. Almost like taking a birds-eye-view approach.

That being said, now cautioning, Venant shares how going too far back - by building a permanent nest in “non-duality” - one can overlook their purpose for being on this earth. “I have an interest in this world,” Venant explains, adding how it’s that interest that keeps him here; a realization otherwise avoided by those who have completely disengaged.

It’s the “need for both” that lives at the heart of why Venant and his team offer experiences in kundalini awakening and non-dual consciousness in one workshop: “The Immersion Weekend.”

For many, the kundalini activation is more of a grounded, embodied experience of being “occupied” or “surrendering” to an incredible energy-current or “God consciousness.” The non-dual meditation, on the other hand, takes you somewhere beyond. Like you’re nowhere and everywhere combined.

In my experience, the kundalini awakening feels similar to what comes over me in ecstatic dance or 5Rhythms classes. The major difference is that I am not the driver, and instead more of a passenger in a body able to bend and twist in ways more commonly inconceivable. Backbends for days and what feels like hours at a time!

The non-dual meditation is something literally - or more non-literally - out of this world. Laying on a mat, Venant tells us to go back even further from the witnessing (or what I call the “umpire’s”) point of view. Go further, he guides. And further. And further...

For me, in these moments, it’s like getting into a rocket ship and blasting off to space. I have no trouble disengaging (which is something first presenting in the form fainting spells in times of high stress). Seeing a light show through my eyelids - and third eye to be more precise - it’s like “I” am resting. In Absolute Nothingness...

My body becomes entirely numb. I have no awareness as to whether my hands are open or closed. I also can’t tell if I’m smiling, frowning, or neither of the two. Instead, I become most aware of my breathing, and the various sounds around me.

One woman bursts into a laughing hysteria. My spirit is laughing with her. But because I am so “out of my body,” my body is simply “incapable” of laughing on the physical plane. Instead, it’s as though I’ve become a “sound bite.” I can see, energetically, that I am reverberating at the velocity of this incessant laughter…

And that’s when I hear the Voice. “Let’s travel,” it says to me.

“Where do you wish to go?”

Before I know it, I’m in the hospital room of a dear friend of mine. They have just been diagnosed with cancer. It’s as though my spirit has wished to pay them a visit; where I then watch myself place my hands underneath their head. Standing at the top of their head. I stay there, realizing, how what I am “doing” is sharing this incredible sense of peace. A place where pain is inconceivable. Even “bliss” is only a construct.

Then suddenly, in this very moment, the sounds of the laughter and the visual of “death” become One. While my spirit is giggling in ecstatic joy, what I feel, on a bodily level, are tears running down my face.

Life and Death and the same phenomenon.

It’s the misconception of “the two” that cause human suffering.


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