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Eight of Me.

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

There's the quiet, innocent child that really just wants to play.

The "tomboy," who most certainly, does not take"no" for an answer.

The traveler, who no matter what, finds herself most at home with strangers.

The dancer, who need not be anywhere else.

The student, who studies, and loses herself in her books.

The nature-lover, who longs to be connected to Mother Earth.

The healer, who transcends all problems with a more expansive mindset.

The writer, who's a friend to herself and others through the screen.

These, are all eight of me. The list can go on and on...

And in actuality, I think it does for everyone! As we grow and learn and change, transitioning from step-to-step, we begin to uncover all sides of ourselves...

By ironically stripping away the layers.

Today, as I walked to the yoga class I teach to kids, I stumbled across the hopscotch image above. Similar to what’s shown in the photo, yoga, coincidentally, is an 8-step journey to "samadhi."

A state of everlasting bliss.

Right before I snapped this photo, I had just been texting my best friend, Lisa, explaining how not so blissed out I have been lately. With Christmas around the corner, I am feeling rather torn on where I wish to be over the holidays.

I have people all over this dang planet that I Love!

On one hand, California is a new chapter for me, so I am exploring the fresh territory and all that comes with it (which is right now... exams!). But on the other, I can't help but feel distant from my previous lives - living here there and everywhere - primarily in mountains of British Columbia, Canada. A place where when the snow is falling, people ski... everyone seems to stay youthful forever.

"You're an adult now," Lisa reaponds to me over text. Which really has me wonder...

At what point do we stop allowing the exploration of all sides, all parts, all colors of our Selves? Simply to become an "adult?"

It's as I grow older I wish to be more encompassing, more mindful, more loving to all parts of me.

I wish to be Whole.

I wish to be Here.

I wish to be Present.

Wherever that might Be.

It's a journey for us All.

So let's just keep hopping along...

Shall we?

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