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Dreadless Mondays

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Today, the day is Monday.

So often that comes with dread.

So I spend this sunny Monday thinking...

How do I wish to feel instead?


This weekend was both locked in and scattered. A two tone tempoed kind of a time! Sunday wakes not even in our own bed... My husband and I have a giggle... Just a wee bit too much wine!

We collectively enjoy our walk of shame to Stacks, our favorite breakfast place to eat pancakes. Mr. Brian has a dance in his seat as he waits. Boy does he ever love his pancakes...

In-between, what we enjoy are the sounds of the children playing around us. "You see!" Brian points out (as he does every day), "GOOD IDEAS ARE BORN IN PLAY!" I go on to tell him about something I am learning in my counseling of psychology program.

"Dopamine is released when situations are pleasant and positive, preparing the brain for new learning and development of new neural networks [of the brain]," (Ivey, p. 160).

As I show Brian this quote in my textbook when we arrive back home - stuffed completely to the brim - he can't help but explore the book further.

Reflecting on our night prior, Brian is curious about the effects of alcohol on the brain, something many of us chose to hang out with from time to time on a Saturday evening. (As a super sensitive, however, for those who already know me... you know... I can barely dabble in the drinking, but that's besides the point!)

What we learn is how alcohol stimulates the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, preventing neurons from becoming too active, thus slowing down the activity of the mind, (Ivey, p. 466).

This awareness allows my husband to understand his use of the substance, empowering him more fully on alternative options when his mind does ramp up.

"I need to save my GABA!" he jokes, again.... dancing...

As Alan Watts teaches, in his book The Way of Zen, "To be free from convention is not to spurn it but not to be deceived by it. It is to be able to use it as an instrument instead of being used by it," (Watts, 29).

In other words...

Use "it," don't be used by it.

Here's to a #dreadlessmonday!


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