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Dear Failure,

Dear Failure,

I have known you my entire life.

In fact, there used to be a time where I thought you and I were one and the same.

I am a failure...

Am I here by mistake?

I grew to push you out.

Shut you down,

And avoid you.

Until the other day.

I caught a glimpse of you I had never seen before.

Or at least, I chose to ignore.

In catching you, I saw a fire ignite in me.

A fire so bright and bold, you're the whole reason why I am writing to you here.

And now.

In this very moment.

It was you who inspired me to finally start this blog.

It was you who gave me the courage.

To think...

All of these years, I have been so afraid of you,

Wanting to get over you.

Pretend you don't exist.

When all I had to do was listen.

Listen to how knowledgeable you are.



You show me what I really want.

You show me what's important.

Failure, my dear friend...

Welcome back into my life.

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