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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Did you know the color of the heart chakra is green? The will chakra, or will "center," is yellow.

Not too long ago now, I remember. I hit such a low in a moment's time, I planted a seed determined to will something into existence...

A printer!

Rushing out the door to school, I realized copies of assignments my husband printed for me at work were completely out of format. Needing to shuffle my already congested morning, I hopped on my bike, blitzing to a print shop about 25-minutes from my house. And close to the train stop.

When I got to the store, none of the printers seemed to work. I had six minutes to catch my train to get to school on time. I had to say to heck with this and jump aboard.

On the train, I texted my husband. "We need a printer!" I said with angst, promising myself to somehow, someway, find one (economically).

Then Friday, I stroll out of my house to find a black abandoned printer hanging out by a garbage bin. Almost like finding a stray pup, my immediate response was to carry the lil' guy to my garage to make sure it was alright. Plugging it in, sure enough, it seemed to work just fine.

By morning, I am at my kitchen table. Head scratching my way through an assignment with graphs and numbers and regression tables and so forth. Math and equations have never been my strong suit, though, I tend to do patterns.

Spotting a pattern in me - a pattern to run when things get tough - I took deep breaths and told myself to be patient. I created more space for myself to explore new depths. Dark depths that most typically bring about great fear.

This time, however, I found myself comprehending all materials. In front of me lay the Canon.

Finishing my assignment, I decided to test my luck. Plugging it in once more, I realized how in order for me to link this stray printer to my computer, I would have to get handy or magically find its missing leash... cord, I mean!

Deeper and deeper I gave myself space. Slowly by slowly I read forums online.

Before I knew it, I was sprinting upstairs looking for some WPS number on my WIFI box and back down again to realize...

It's when we slow down our pace - negative self-talk and all - that's when we can connect:

From the will center to the heart center,

Just a few simple steps...


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