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Another Lesson to Sea

This one is about encouragement. And the trickle effect it really can have…

The other day I posted about how I was catching more waves with a little help from my friends… A push here or there allowed me to end up in the exact place I needed to be to ride a wave right back to the beach.

But last night, surfing to sunset, I watched myself catch all of my own “green waves,” without feeling - for a second - like I was “alone.”

Instead, I was surrounded by the many beautiful people of Vikara cheering me on, encouraging at a distance what waves to paddle for and which ones to ignore. In return, I was cheering on all others, howling and singing from my board!

And then something clicked…

Encouragement can come in two forms. Like being encouraged to paddle for some waves over others, we can be guided in terms of what not to do as much as what to do...

It just might take some confidence and a bit of a thicker skin to accept all aspects of coaching!

In other words, if you're sensitive like me, sometimes being told what not to do can come across as criticism, and be taken personally…

But as surfing is showing me, it’s when I accept both the “right” and “wrong” sides of encouragement - with an open, loving heart! - I am saved from getting swallowed by Ocean more than I already do...

Like the high tide becomes the low, there is truly no “good” or “bad” sides of encouragement when seen through eyes of love and acceptance. After all…

All is the flowing Ocean.

With Love,

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