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A Whole New Meaning to a Night KAP

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Last night, I attended one of the most electrifying experiences my body, mind, and Self have undergone in one continuous duration of "time." Venant Wong, and his team, hosted an "activation" session for those open and willing to experience their kundalini energy... on fire!

"Kundalini is life force," explains Venant. "And it has its own intelligence."

"Surrender to it."

As a room full of people in Palo Alto, California, sitting on yoga mats in a studio space, Venant and his partner, Sigrid, explain to the group how to proceed.

"Just lie there and relax," they giggle (at the simplicity of it all)... The rest all energetically transmits!

What KAP actually stands for is "Kundalini Activation Process." Venant, as a "transmitter," is able to share a deep level consciousness, and even states of non-duality, with those he comes in contact. While some body movements, twitches, spontaneous dance moves, yoga poses, or bursts of tears or cries might come about, what's happening throughout the process is a "rewiring of the brain," Venant explains.

And he barely has to lay a single finger you! (Check out some video examples here.)

For me, I have done bodywork in the past, ranging from intense breathwork sessions, sacred Gurdjieff movements seminars, osteotherapy and more...

In such experiences, I had glimpses of non-dual states; a deep seated contentment, observing "my" experiences in a non-judgmental way, allowing them to pass like clouds in the sky.

But what was truly unique about the phenomenality of yesterday was the length and duration in which it lasts. And how it's not a matter of "willing," but simply accepting the the magnitude of the energy that is finally able to rush through you...

As Venant explains, on a day-to-day basis, we tend to resist or deny Kundalini as naturally flowing force within us. Essentially, we get in our own damn way. In a number of ways! Ruminating, ruminating, ruminating. What a KAP session really does for you is allow you to experience what it's like to finally... Let go.

"And go with it."

In going with it, last night, we start by laying on our backs. Eyes closed. Music begins to play. The first touch I'm given is on my temples. Slowly, a euphoria comes over me. Like what I imagine a very sober and pristine LSD trip to be like... (to be totally honest)!

My first felt sensation is in my throat. Like I could burst into a lyrical madness, uncovering a buried, even unexplored, gift.

Next, my right leg begins to bounce. And at a rate that would otherwise be seemingly impossible without the transmission. Before I know it, I am sitting up right - right leg still bouncing - and I am getting visions of me as a drummer from another time. It's as though, in that moment, if I were placed in front of a drum kit, with sticks, I would surely know what to do and how to play...


The energy begins to shift throughout my body. Now, I am realizing that both of my hands are locked and glued in a spontaneous mudra.

As what I think to be as "time" passing - because there is an overwhelming sense of infinite bliss being felt - I suddenly have a burst of gold light shining through my solar plexus, directly linked to a pain I have had in my spine for many months now. What the experience instantaneously teaches me, without thought or words, is that I have to simply stop "holding myself back."

I sense this is what Venant means by Kundalini having its own "intelligence," as the insight comes in the precise moment of the “golden light,” before I can actively attach “my own” (egotistical) meaning to something so fleeting...

As I lean backwards, at one point, my entire skeletal system shifts. Through my (often misaligned) pelvic area, I have multiple cracking sensations, like having five chiropractic adjustments in one go.

This is the quickest and fastest way to access divine energy, explains Venant. And I am now seeing why.

Throughout the room, and the entirety of the process, what I can hear are various levels of experience. One man is screaming, another woman huffing, and others crying. One participant explains, afterwards, how she had energy transmitting from her hands, as if she was trying to share love with the entire room.

"Blessed by an overwhelming sense of feminine energy," she says.

Two participants didn't experience any body sensations, as "about 10 percent of people don't experience anything," Venant explains.

"Might have something to do with the subconscious mind," he elaborates, explaining how when we are too up in our heads, and not in our bodies, it can block the natural energy flow, much like we all experience in our day-to-day lives.

For those in the San Fran area, Venant and his team are here until the end of the month, offering an entire "Immersion Weekend" on April 27-28th. For more information on Venant's touring schedule, check out VenantWong.com or Venant Wong on Facebook. Now that's a night KAP!

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