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A 'Journalist' Without Words: Opening to New Dimensions

Updated: May 6, 2019

In this article, find an audio file where Venant Wong shares about his KAP, Kundalini Activation Process, moments after he transmits the power of an awakening to a group in San Francisco, California

Ok, so here's the re-KAP on last night's session. For those of you who read my last post, Venant Wong, "transmitter," is here in California offering his KAP, Kundalini Activation Process, as a means of awakening to the natural "life force" living within, in conjunction with the shared experience of non-duality.

For me, as a preface, I was once a journalist traveling the world looking for the most effective forms of healing, and ultimately, making the world a better place.

As I connected with people with their own modalities from across the globe - Costa Rica, India, Canada, and more - I slowly began to see myself transform.

I went from a highly cognitive woman - with a STORY - to a person looking to quietly tap into the gift of consciousness. The "nothingness." Though clearly I still love to write and share...

I titled my first media project "Capture Consciousness" in hopes of telling the tales of those really touching the depths of it All. Overtime, such a pursuit led me to California, where I now write casually on what we playfully call The CalmPost, as I simultaneously study as a counseling psychology master's student to best learn how to put words to the wordless experiences and practice as a licensed therapist.


The main mantra a journalist is first taught is, "Give Voice to the Voiceless."

Sitting almost directly in front of Venant after last night's KAP session, it was as though I was at a loss for words. Instead, with absolutely nothing but bliss and gratitude in my heart, I lifted my hands to my chest to signal a sign of a prayer....

Thank You

He then began to answer questions from the group thereafter.

(On soundcloud, click here)

Meeting Venant in person, you will quickly learn how he isn't in this line of "work" - or sharing - to get caught in logistics or even the details. Instead, as he rests in a non-dual awareness, the stories... the words... and ups and downs of life that we all feel....

Seem to suddenly neutralize.

"An equanimity" is attained, Venant explains, as a way to "un-identify" from our thoughts and emotions.

This doesn't mean we walk around like zombies unable to feel anything.


One is able to experience MORE as they now establish a healthy GAP between "me" and the experience.

"Most people live in a narrow range of emotionality," Venant explains. "What this [KAP] does is it opens that range both in the bliss side and the uncomfortable emotions."

"If there is sufficient equanimity or sufficient consciousness practice, what you get is feeling this bliss or the pain, at the same time, with this equanimity and okayness with everything."

"Openness is not simply feeling good. It's simply opening to whatever is arising."

For those in the San Fran area, Ventant will be offering KAP sessions next week in both Palo Alto and San Francisco (facebook links embedded). He is also offering a full immersion weekend April 27-28.

For more information, be sure to visit Ventant Wong on Facebook or VenantWong.com

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