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Fall Up

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Have you ever noticed the genuine spunkiness of a squirrel?

Up. How do I pick myself up? With this week's "fall back" time change, I am feeling rather sluggish. How about you?

In fact, even the squirrels outside my bedroom window have seemed to lessen significantly. For the past month, the hyper little fellows have been waking me Up every morning. Hanging upside down on the trees as they nibble ferociously on small red berries from the branches. What a way to start the day!

It's in times of season change we have to ask ourselves, do I push through or adjust?

I'd like to say it's a balance of both.

While fall months bring delicious stews, a slower pace, and perhaps even a few extra pounds, we still have to get out of bed every mourning. Sorry... morning! What had us bouncing out of bed in the summer months... mmm, the beach... might be different for us today. So instead of falling into rotten ruts or winter blues, we best be proactive in establishing our healthy fall habits.

Here are a few of my fall favorites (or favorites in general!) in terms of rituals and routines.

1. Music Mondays: If you're a Spotify user like myself, Monday's bring a new playlist randomly selected for you by the app. On Mondays, I devote time to dance to new music. I move my body before my mind, allowing space to "step outside of myself," if you know what I mean. If not, don't worry... You're one random song away from trying!

2. Mini Trampolines: Yes, that's right. I jump on mini trampolines almost daily. While I have not only one, but two, sitting in my garage at all times... Yesterday I carried my trampoline to a quiet park to jump under massive redwood trees. Switching up the locations of our exercise & play can bring newness and freshness in lower vibrational times. Jumping is also a really great way to laugh at yourself and let go.

3. Get Amongst Nature: Whether it be walking through the leaves, hanging amongst the trees, or preparing yourself for the ski season, colder days doesn't need to mean avoiding the beauty of the season change. Get outside to enjoy it!

4. Hot Water, Lemon & Honey: This is a GREAT way to start the day. Good for the metabolism & immune system combined. Also doesn't have us reaching for coffee first thing, which I find helpful in preventing adrenal fatigue & sluggishness. Let's not forget, it's delicious!

5. Snuggles: Create time & space for snuggles! Snuggle your dog. Snuggle your cat. Snuggle your pillow. Your lover. The TREES... Anything! This is absolutely key in avoiding winter blues! *Note: If you find yourself snuggling up to movies or TV shows, I find it extremely helpful to be mindful of what I am watching. It is in my experience how happier content makes me... happier!

Onwards... Upwards...


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