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Like a compost, no matter how hard you work in adding only organic materials... sometimes, it is of the inevitable...

It is going to stink!


While Jessica, trained journalist & counseling psychology major, does her best every day to attribute & share mindfully, she is still...


(One with average grammar skills who makes the common typo!)


As a personal blog, in essence, much of what Jessica writes about is personal. She by no means intends to provide counsel at a distance - through the screen - and more so shares her work as an inspired offering. 


Unlike traditional journalism practices, many of the people Jessica features are acquaintances, close friends, or even family members. She also does not bear any responsibility for the actions of said featured guest(s) beyond the innocence of what is presented in each post. 


Finally, all of The CalmPost's content is copyright of Jessica Campbell. It shall not be repurposed, copied or even used without permission from Jessica Campbell directly (si vous plait!)


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